Jukka Niva
What is Yle News Lab?
We want to share our thoughts with you about the development of journalism. This site is our way to let you explore our work more closely.

Who are we?

We are the news development team of Yle, the Finnish Broadcasting company. We are working with the Yle.fi frontpage, Yle NewsWatch and developing new forms of journalism, just to mention some of our work. Furthermore, Yle News Lab is researching how our users consume different forms of media and what kind of needs and fears they have.

What's up with this site?

None of the work mentioned above is new. We have been doing this for years. But until now we have been modest about the job we are doing and mainly shared it inside our organization and occasional seminars. With this site, we want to share our thoughts and ideas with anyone who wants to know.

We do this because the world is changing radically. For democracy to function in the future, power must be monitored and X-rayed in new ways. Journalism is going to change a lot in the next few years. Probably more than we can imagine right now. Therefore it is crucial to make the change as transparent as possible.

Is this for me?

Probably yes, because you have read this far already. We want to reach everyone who is interested in the future of journalism – no matter if they are news junkies, web developers our journalists.

We hope that you join the conversation. You can contact us via email or in the social media with the hashtag #ylenewslab.

The writer is the head of Yle News Lab.

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